H.N. Lockwood, Inc. was founded by Hanford N. Lockwood in 1972 and incorported in 1974.

The firm was established as Hank Lockwood noticed the varied printing needs of the customers he called on while selling pens for the Scotty Pen Company of San Francisco. As he moved out on his own, he kept those customers and acquired a set of new ones - specifically the local plastic molding companies with a need for hot stamping and screen printing to support their molding operations.

The advent of pad printing and the firm's acquisition of more advanced screen printing equipment, die cutters, and more advanced inks has led to serving a wider range of customers with our customer base reflecting the changing nature of San Francisco Bay Area manufacturing. In the early years the company operated out of store fronts in Burlingame and then moved to our current location in Redwood City in 1976.

The future looks promising. We are entering the second decade of the 21st century with new digital printing and plotter cutting capabilities as well as an exceptional portfolio of printing processes, loyal customers and an experienced crew. We will continue to serve our customers with the finest service and the widest range of graphic solutions possible.

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